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Cpu & Memory Profiling

Find memory leaks and bottlenecks in your application by investigating and comparing memory snapshots with Trace and the Chrome DevTool.

Inspect your CPU profiles to figure out which function calls take the most time and find what slows your application down. We’ll let you know the exact location of the problematic functions - so you'll instantly know where to start.

Trace anomaly detection list

Distributed tracing and debugging

Trace by RisingStack enables you to get insights on performance related issues and start debugging instantly.

By looking at the timeline graph of the transactions inside your system, you will be able to pinpoint why a service started to fail or look for connection problems and bad status codes.

Trace events timeline viewer graph
There are lots of incredible features in Trace. First of all, none of their competitors provide memory and CPU profiling, but they do. It's a killer feature if you are in production with Node.js. A new extremely interesting feature is the vulnerability analysis. We love it!
Gyula Nemeth
CTO, Co-founder at EDMdesigner
Trace gives us a birds eye view of the stack and helps us to monitor our resource usage and performance. It's a great solution for finding out the impact of each sprint at a fine-grained level. Down times are easily detected, and we can take corrective measures easily.
Sandeep Ac
Technical Architect at Proventeq
Trace definitely gives us the control over our API / Microservices architecture. I can only recommend to try it!
Rafael Santos
Co-Founder & CTO at Decision6

More Features

Live service mapping

Take an immediate look at the interactions inside your application as well as the communication with databases and 3rd party APIs.

The service map lets you know the health of your services and gives live hints when they are getting slower. You’ll never have to draw graphs on a whiteboard to figure out how your application really works - as the service map updates automatically.

Trace service topology view


Find the npm packages with known vulnerabilities in your Node.js application.

Trace by RisingStack allows you to stay up to date and run a more secure application in production. It gives crucial information on how and why you should update your packages and sends alerts in case of a new potential attack vector.

Trace anomaly detection list

Performance monitoring

Finding out about memory leaks, performance issues and bad deployments is a piece of cake with Trace by RisingStack.

Monitor the most important performance metrics of your application to never disappoint your customers.

Trace service metrics and performance screen

Real-time alerting

Set up alerts for the most critical parts of your application to prevent downtimes and losing money. You’ll never miss performance glitches again.

Get notifications when your metrics pass warning or error thresholds and act immediately. Trace by RisingStack integrates with Slack, Pagerduty, Opsgenie and sends Webhooks.

Trace anomaly detection list

Compare Trace

Trace is built with microservices as first class citizens.

Distributed Tracing CPU Profiler Memory Profiler Custom Metrics Service Map Alerting Browser Monitoring
New Relic
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Custom pricing
  • Custom process limit
  • Custom data retention
  • Unlimited users
  • Live Chat support
  • Option for on-premise


$99 /month
  • Monitor up to 13 processes*
  • 14 days of data retention
  • Unlimited users
  • Live Chat support
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*What is a process?

Node Hero

$29 /month
  • Monitor up to 5 processes*
  • 7 days of data retention
  • Unlimited Users
  • Email & Docs Support
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Your Data is Safe

The Trace security team works hard on securing your data

Cloud version

Trace collects system usage information and network metrics by default. The collection of stack traces, CPU profiles and heapdumps are optional.

On-premise version

In case none of your data can leave your datacenter, Trace can be used as an on-premise software.